About Us

The way technology is taking over the society these days, it is pertinent for every technology user to seek the best means of getting any issue resolved. There is no doubt about the fact that it is not monetarily easy to enjoy a plethora of technical services at one go. The number of enterprises, in the name of technical support, is increasing day by day, but unfortunately, most of them are not competent enough to perform their work efficiently and sincerely. On the other hand that is what we are best at. It is a fact that we make sure that the technical support expected from us, is properly given to the customers so as to resolve the issue within the prescribed time.

setupnorton.com not only independently provides hassle-free online support on On-Demand Remote Technical Services, but also makes it easier for the customers to approach and avail the services at a very reasonable price. As such, no additional labor or diagnostic fee is charged without informing the customer. In every possible way, we try to make the customer feel comfortable with us, in order to share the details of the issue, which needs to be resolved. We let the customers guide us to the problem so that in return we could resolve it completely.

Furthermore, unlike other enterprises, we provide for 100% money back guarantee in those unfortunate cases, where the problem is not fixed by us. The chances of such an incident happening are very rare. But, in those rarest of the rare cases, we want our customers to suffer neither monetarily nor mentally. In other words, it is our duty to ensure that the customer is not going through any difficulty while availing any of the services. We don’t want the customers to have a frustrating experience with us, in any form, from the time of intimation of the issue till the final stage.

Our aim is to provide user-friendly assistance to customers having technical issues with the devices. Whether it is about analyzing the underlying problems, working with the field engineers, testing or ultimately fixing the fault, we are extremely sincere in delivering the services promised to the customers. We expect our customers to expect from us in return, what they really want us to deliver. Any sort of technical support would not result in a success if the service provider is not genuinely interested in resolving the issue. We render more than what is expected from us. And that makes us way better than other players in this field.

We are exactly, what we claim because we don’t provide services just for the money, but for the trust of the customers as well. The happiness of the customer is what matters the most to us. In the name of service, we don’t befool our customers, unlike others. We simply try to be honest with our work so as to provide the best possible way to resolve the issue.